Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार) (moebiuscurve) wrote,
Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार)

Journey of a Hacker...

Uphold thy ingenuity,
thou shall be rewarded.
Oddment restored,
distress parted.
Thou see a lambent source,
which leads to a distant course.
Climb thy soul on a ship,
& sail to the distant deep.
It is on this journey, that you will see,
what life holds for thee.
The treasure does not lie low, ashore,
for it is on the go.
Strive hard & survive the waves,
for pearls are on this way.
Steady thy captain, steady thy soul,
for we have yet to reach a goal.
The goal is an illusion to keep one tenanted
& thou shall not be cemented.

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