Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार) (moebiuscurve) wrote,
Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार)

A review of the movie "The Road"

"Are you carrying the fire" asked the little boy with the pointed gun. He dreamt of being a good boy, as all the boys at such an innocent age do. The world around him is brutal & harsh and it's slowly coming to an end. There is fear,scarcity (of food), cannibalism and above all no prospect of a stable future. The houses have all burnt out, plants don't grow anymore and the trees are falling. There is no sunlight and as the world is overcast by gripping shadow of cloud & fear all around, there are some who still carry the fire of civilization within. Probably a Human face in the light of adversity;"Are we still the good guys...we always will be no matter what happens","We would never eat anybody, would we...".

And as the boy and his father travel further south, scavenging through the streets, in the hope that it will be warmer there, they encounter various difficulties of survival. The boy is a soft meat and there is every chance that he will be eaten alive. Unlike the typical cannibal/mutant tamasha films of Hollywood (like I am Legend, Legion & Resident Evil) which are so unreal, these are real cannibals who are forced to eat their own kind to survive. Some of the surviving families have even built concentration camp style basements where they keep skinny but live people to be cooked and eaten later.

The father has a solution; he has saved two bullets, one for himself and one for his son. He has even taught him to shoot himself, when faced with no other alternative. But he is trying to prepare him; for a brutal & lawless society, where survival is the only purpose left. He still read him stories and upon his last breadth tells the boy to carry his gun & find good people...
Tags: post-apocalyptic 2009 film, review, the road

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