Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार) (moebiuscurve) wrote,
Naveen Kumar (नवीन कुमार)

An ode to flattery...

Our Lord's ears are great & it must be worshipped. There is but one truth, to worship his ears. The grooves, curves and the twists in his ears symbolise the great twist and turns of our lives. But the ultimate reality is, it all goes into a deep hole.

"O' Lord! please absorb our pains and sink it through thy veins."

The hole is the ultimate path to salvation; the more pain it causes, the more pleasure we get afterwards.

"Every year we must pierce our ears to get big tears,
& in great commune, pull each other's, to shed more tears,
then pray together & ultimately shed all our fears."

O' Lord let the blood of our ears satisfy your thirst, so that you may forgive us of our sins. Let you hear our pain, sorrows, sacrifices & offerings through your holes. For the hole is but only truth available to us.

"There is no other lord here, who can bear us to hear.
O' Lord, mighty creator of spears, one who kills with it,
the demon hoards, who come to our nears.
It is our Lord who is so humble,
one who drank our poison without any mumble.
The almighty must be adorned,
for he gave us all, with which we were all born.
For, it gives us tears when in joy with our peers.
Now he wishes to pull our ears,
for all our sins, disbelief & jeers."

Our Lord once said in his holy book that he might delay his incarnation on account of his delayed routine, owing to his prolonged hole cleaning, but the ultimate judgement will always be heard, because it is his holy ears, that we all bear. He has asked his believers to hear only what was said, because he has deprived us of all rationality. And those who fail to listen to his words, will always slip endlessly through his dark hole without any hope of resurrection, for the path for them is without light & goal, in the hole. Those who obey his will, pass through a shortcut and reach heaven, which is actually another hole, full of light & ultimate pleasure. And the reason why there are so many holes, is that, it is the only truth that is in existance. For holes make everything move and groove. Holes remind us of our limitations, for we slide through it with hope of salvation.
Tags: ode_to_flattery, sarcasm

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